Given that I have a spectacularly depressing success rate of matches vs actual communication on Tinder, I figured nothing could really be worse than what is already uneventful. For, they require of you a few things: I sent in the money and promptly forgot about it until I got the shirt in the mail. At the same time, a growing body of research suggests that a person's genetic compatibility, gender, age, and predisposition to illness are reflected in their "smell signature." Even in blinded experiments, subjects' smell preferences align broadly with their sexual desires." So my questions then inevitably became: how do I hack this shirt to make sure everyone who smells me falls in love with me?

Before I started, I thought having my control over scent taken away from me would be fun, but now I realized that it was actually terrifying and vulnerable in ways I hadn’t bargained for. What if this experiment just proved my deepest fear: that I am utterly unremarkable?

While the potential daters mingled with each other, they took breaks to smell the different bags. is already more fruitful than my experience with Tinder or Bumble.

Do I consider this service my foolproof ticket to wifedom? But it’s already proven to be so much more interesting than other cruising mediums I’ve tried. That an invisible weapon can also be a courteous gesture.

Pheromone Parties let your sense of scent do the choosing when it comes to finding a perfect match.

Pheromones are the chemical responsible for sexual attraction in mammals.

At the end of the party the photos were projected onto a wall and everyone was able to see which other guests liked the smell of their sweat.

Despite the obvious gross-factor, Pheromone Parties seem to work: Prays reports that 12 of the 40 guests hooked-up, and 6 of those couples ended up dating for a significant amount of time.I matched with 7 people immediately — I don’t remember clicking "yes" to meeting 7, just 3, but I am less upset and more curious about this fluke in the algorithm. I reverse google’d the ones I could and eliminated some from the blandness of their instagrams (I’m shallow).This is a sense of victory Tinder has seldom given me. Looking them up illuminated an entirely new profile around their shirt samples.Everyone emits a different smell, and at Pray’s first Pheromone Party, attendees were required to wear the same shirt to bed three nights in a row (no perfume or deodorant allowed), put it in a Ziploc bag, and bring it to the party.40 guests showed up, with well worn in t-shirts in hand, and each shirt was labeled with a pink or blue post-it (depending on the owner’s sex) and a number.Serge Lutens, a popular perfumer, describes perfume as "a choice, a weapon, a courteous gesture." took this weapon from me and made me examine why I felt I needed it so much, and then dared me to use scent itself more intimiately and with kindness. I’d forgotten that was a possibility with beauty for awhile, there: that it can in fact give you second chances, that maybe being stripped of your weapons is what you might need or want.