Many of the clothes—a giant green-colored fur coat, dresses tightly fitted at the hips—were inspired by the styles worn by prostitutes during 1940s, others drew from the ostentatious wartime wardrobes of the very socialites now admonishing them.

Regardless, Saint Laurent spurred a 1940s-inspired movement in fashion that lasted nearly a decade.

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1980s: Crop Tops The Eighties were about legs, they were about breasts, but they were mostly about tight tummies.

It was the decade that aerobic workout gear hit the streets, which meant lots of cropped tees worn with high-waisted jeans.

Which means most women let their thongs peek out of those jeans at one point or another.

Sisqo's 2000 single "Thong Song" cemented the garment's place in popular culture.

The Past Decade: Pop ' Sluts' Despite the headways women have made over the past 100 years, we still dress pretty conservatively day-to-day (even given the thongs and the crop tops and the mini skirts). Stars like Madonna and Cher paved the way for Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Lil' Kim to wear revealing clothes onstage and off.

And yes, sadly, many people still consider those looks "slutty" rather than avant-garde or just women expressing themselves.

Of course, Puritanical types eschewed these styles, and by the Victorian era, it was deemed inappropriate for women to flaunt their bosoms.

1890s: Ankles The Victorians may have raised necklines, but they were also adamantly against flaunting a bit of leg.

(The word "flapper" was interchangeable with "girl prostitute" in the 1890s, but like many derogatory terms it eventually softened up to mean a spirited, flirty teenager.) Modern codes have made flapper fashion almost quaint, since there's no emphasis on the woman's waist.

1960s: Mini Skirts Designer Mary Quant changed the way women dress forever by trumpeting the mini skirt, an abbreviated version the A-line styles mod girls were already wearing in the 1960s.

1920s: Flappers While not every woman gave up her corset in the 1920s, those who did opted for drop-waist dresses that are still synonymous with Twenties fashion.