Well, she learned how to be racist for one thing, after interacting with people on Twitter.

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In the words of tech author Robert Scoble, “Some are saying this is an indictment of artificial intelligence. He was talking about it learning so much that it became sentient. If you teach it ugly things, it will repeat those things back to you.” The irony is of course that the smarter A.

No, it’s an indictment of human beings.” Scoble goes on to say in the same Facebook post, “This week at Dent I was talking to an A. I became, managing to learn from us humans, it also became much dumber.

“Because you’re Mexican,” Tay replies when asked if she is a racist.

It’s hardly surprising really, given presidential runner Donald Trump’s current popularity.

What we often forget is that machines create newer, more meaningful jobs.

When the printing press replaced the town crier, it created the news agent.

To streamline operations even further, RK incorporated Fetch Robotics robots into operations in the summer of 2016.

Today robots do the running, while workers remain in their consolidation areas for picking duties.

When the Internet removed the need for newsagents, it created the systems administrator. In fact, prescriptive AI includes tools that can “make” decisions for us based on built-in rules and their own understanding.