Washburn Jennifer (2005) implies that university began to utilize their asset and knowledge more aggressively since 1975. Therefore, the government reduce its research and education expenditure.

It creates the problem for universities since that it was impossible to reduce or stop teaching and researching activity.

However, learning and researching require a lot of money.

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In this period researcher must prepare with sufficient budget to get the product tested and confirmed that this particular product has under no circumstances been patented.

The research shows that universities play the important role in inventing and developed technology which commercialized by industries.

There are negatives views of aligning research result from universities to industries however research also show that the benefits come from this activities.

Industries depend on universities in many cases and universities generate earning by commercialization of their research.

OECD research (2001) shows that innovation is a key driver to achieve economic welfare.

OECD countries engage their mutual need by innovation.

Every nation develops its own competitive strategy but they have good connection.

Developing countries should keep up with this speed if they do not to left behind.

A researcher from a university received a huge amount of money to conduct the research on the impact of smoking from a company, which produce cigarette.

The result was that there were no scientific data to support that smoking can create heart disease.

More over, the process of patenting the technology also required sufficient financing that could not be support completely by government funding and sometimes the processes take a long period of time.