[…] One of the benefits of using an online dating website like Glutenfree Singles is that both people in the pair can get to know each other online first before they meet in person.This can especially help women gain comfort with a potential partner and spot any early red flags.I wish we didn’t judge books by their covers, but in the online dating world, pictures matter a great deal!

When the time comes for the […] Recently, Jimmy Kimmel and his writing staff discovered Glutenfree

The result was a funny plug in his monologue followed by an amusing spoof about a fictional online dating site, Jamie

(During this “season” there are some 50 million messages sent, 5 million new photos uploaded and a million dates.)Other companies like Tinder concur, though they aren’t quite as specific.

A spokesperson from Tinder told that based on last year’s data and the ever-growing popularity of the dating app, the company expects a 12-percent bump in the number of matches on January 8, 2017.

Through focus groups and other means of data collection, Carbino has determined that 80 percent of people on Tinder are looking for long-term relationships.

Nevermind the app’s reputation for simply being a tool to find an easy hookup.It’s easy to convince yourself that the holidays are the WORST time to try and start dating again. The two of you send a few messages back and forth, and you start to feel those […] You love the idea of being in a sizzling, fun relationship, so why can’t you find the time to write that killer profile?You’ve got a thousand extra things to do, your parents are in town, and maybe you’ve been scarfing one too many pieces of leftover Halloween candy after your last breakup. The holidays are […] If you’ve tried out online dating for any length of time, you’ve almost certainly been on the receiving end of what I’ll call, “the disappearing act.” Someone catches your eye. Why do you keep putting off answering messages from interested singles?(For the uninitiated, a match happens through a mind-numbing process known as swiping profiles—left for ; a higher number of matches means there are more people swiping at a given time, unless one is painfully picky.)But just as foot traffic at your gym begins to level out as the month progresses so, too, does activity on dating sites and apps.Tinder suggests that thumbs (like biceps) become increasingly fatigued as January wears on.As they say, the best cure for a breakup is to find someone new.