The idea is that you’ll talk to everybody there (and use your scorecard to keep track of them) but, of course, if you hit it off with that special someone, then there’s nothing to stop you both going off to get to know each other a little better somewhere else! Speed LA Dating One of LA’s most famous, and trusted, dating sites, Speed LA Dating was set up by a London girl in 2007, and has since gone on to big things, and is frequently featured on TV.

Some of us are very happy being single, and don’t necessarily want to be married off or paired up faster than a pair of socks out of the laundry.

We want to have fun, meet new people, especially hot guys, but we enjoy our independence, too.

This way, there’s no one-on-one pressure, no awkwardness, no intimidating silences, and you get to meet five new friends of both sexes. Balboa Ski & Sports Club If you love outdoor sports and want to meet someone who likes the same, you might want to check out this site.

You can get a whole lot more than a follow-up date using this concept, you’ll expand your social circle, and be able to completely relax in the company of other, like-minded people. They run ski trips from LA out to Colorado, Utah, Montana, even to Europe.

Skiing is the primary activity, and the club run regular excursions to Mammoth for long weekends.

Regular meetings take place every other Tuesday, around 6.30pm.

They also hold occasional lock and key events, too, where guys are given keys and have to match them with the various locks held by us girls. Table For Six This dating club has one of the largest databases of single professionals in California.

The premise, is that you fill in their online profile, so they can match you with someone compatible.

There are TONS of ways to meet someone, especially if you live in Los Angeles.