The birthplace of Bill Maher is New York, New York, the United States. His dad was the radio announcer and news editor, while his mom was a certified medical nurse.

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Anjulie now follows her dream of becoming a successful musician, which she is slowly becoming because of her charisma and deep, husky voice.

In 2014, an image appeared online of Anjulie hanging out on the beach with famous American television host, actor, and comedian Bill Maher.

In Maher’s photo he appears to grope Bob Saget in almost the same exact manner Franken did and some users, let’s just say have not found the humor in his recreation to the infamous image.

Due to her background or what she calls her “racial ambiguity” she felt isolated while growing up; in middle school, she said, “the black kids would be on one side and the white kids would be on the other…

so I would mostly hang out by myself and write” #3 She is an award winning singer/songwriter Anjulie who began composing her own music as a teenager has toured with Shwayze and Bobby Ray aka B.o. In 2009 she opened for Jesse Mc Cartney during his United States tour.

Since debuting her album in 2009, she has also written hit songs with various artists, including Kreesha Turner’s “Don’t Call Me Baby” and Nicki Minaj’s “The Boys.” She describes herself on social media as a ‘Juno award winning Platinum selling singer, songwriter, artist, producer’ #4 Her work has been featured on TV Much of her lyrics have been featured on a number of TV shows, particularly “Boom,” which was used on Canada’s Next Tope Model and The Vampire Diaries.

Anjulie Persaud is also known as Anjulie, which is her stage name. Her ascendant is unknown because she never revealed to the public her exact time of birth. Both her mom and dad immigrated from India to Canada in a search for better life. Her maiden name was at first probably Anjali Prasad, but her parents probably changed it, so the children at her school wouldn't bully her.

She needed a stage name because she is a singer and songwriter and wanted to create an impact with her stage name. She was showing interest in music since her early days.

She also produced the theme song for Maher’s HBO show, Real Time.