For example, Steam defaults to load on the C drive.Change the installation to the D drive (just change the destination folder from C to D and leave the rest as is).

Did not use the included mouse and keyboard, however, so cannot review those.

Setup was quick and easy even with the extra HP steps.

They didn't even offer me a full 12 month warranty, said it started with the invoice. So here are some initial startup tips.1 - Do all of the W10 OS updates first.

They don't know but immediately offered me a replacement or a refund. Even though the computer was working ok, I have some trust issues with Amazon. Spent 5 hours getting W10 updates and then I messed up the Document library trying to move it to the D drive. Fortunately, it retained all of the updates I already downloaded.

I would personally recommend this computer to any pc-gamers out there. Great gaming PC overall and you can upgrade it if you decide to get a bigger case for bigger graphics cards. HP says the warranty was activated in November 2017.

I have played Overwatch, Battlefield One, Call of Duty WWII, Rocket League, Fortnite, and many more on either almost max graphics settings without any drop in frame rates. Funny, I purchased this computer in February, 2018, 3 months later. I ask Amazon why are you selling me a used computer? Never had an SSD before so I made a mistake in the initial setup.

The 16gigs of ram is great the M2 hard drive while small can be upgraded but the 1TB drive is enough for most .

I went ahead and added a 2TB so I have 3 internal drives with over 3TB of storage and had a additional 2 usb3 external 4tb drives that are converted to the usb3 port on the back.

This way all of the map files get stored on the big D drive. In order to keep it booting fast, make sure you follow step 2 and 3 above. Now, if I could ding Amazon on this review I would. My PC was received in a larger box which had no packaging or bubble wrap to prevent the PC box from bouncing around. It is VERY quite compared to my Alienware R4 Aurora(2012). I'm not a gamer, so I can't rattle off specs or performance details.