The 16gigs of ram is great the M2 hard drive while small can be upgraded but the 1TB drive is enough for most .I went ahead and added a 2TB so I have 3 internal drives with over 3TB of storage and had a additional 2 usb3 external 4tb drives that are converted to the usb3 port on the back.

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Every game that I played is on ultra, with over 60 FPS (Frames Per Second).

You will not be disappointed by this fancy-ass machine, you will also not regret buying it.

I would recommend a new key board and mouse while the included devices get the job done I prefer quality Keyboard and mouse that are full size for comfort.

My boot times are around 30seconds from off to completely logged in and ready to jump onto the internet .

This way all of the map files get stored on the big D drive. In order to keep it booting fast, make sure you follow step 2 and 3 above. Now, if I could ding Amazon on this review I would. My PC was received in a larger box which had no packaging or bubble wrap to prevent the PC box from bouncing around.

There was no damage to either the outer box or the PC box but I was just lucky. Needed a new computer to replace my previous aging Desktop.

Did not use the included mouse and keyboard, however, so cannot review those.

Setup was quick and easy even with the extra HP steps.

When I asked him how fast it was, he first said "I can play Rust on the highest level graphics with no lag!

" When I asked him to translate that into something a parent would understand, he said "geez dad, I dunno, like faster than getting diarrhea after eating Taco Bell? As I was browsing through gaming computers, I came across this beast of a machine.

Great choice for anyone needed an upgrade from an older pc Got exactly what I expected here, which is a fine value for an entry-level gaming desktop.