That's three solid years of practice to will take into your 30s much more confident about your ability to meet women in person.Do your best to have as many girl-friends and go out with them, no matter how they look. Then you at least have enough experience to know where the descent restaurants, bars, clubs, whatever.

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With college done with, I am doing the 40-hour work week.

I am happy with my job, but, again, not many people there that are my age. I am so tired of the emails, texts (50% of which stop at that point where the women seem to drop off the face of the planet and I am sick of saying "are you still interested in meeting up?

The other day a 28yo hottie replied to my online message "you're cute, and your profile is not too shabby compared to the others I see her." Time to shake off that "all i do is try meeting women online" image, and more importantly, your beliefs. I agree with much of what you told him, but I would add that he might consider moving.

The OP’s situation is quite typical for a young man who’s done “everything right” (education, career, finances, health and fitness) but who remains stymied by the exigencies of modern dating.

" Then when we finally do meet for coffee, dinner or whatever the case might be, I feel everything goes great.

It seems to be the same story the next morning, when I get that text "I had fun last night, but I am not interested/no chemistry etc etc". I only got one match, who revealed herself almost a month after the event.

Women love dating men who have more social experience then they do. Many younger women love it when a man can competently talk about dating, like i do here.