I would love to bump into someone at the grocery store or the gym, but never have any luck. Just keep trying with the online dating, and broaden your horizons for what you are looking for... I feel I broke out of the shyness several years ago thanks to college and customer service jobs.

I have also inquired into "Events and Adventures", but I have a feeling it might be pricey. If you're trying to break out of the shyness, there really is no formula. Approaching women cold-turkey can be intimidating until you actually try it. I get that in the "real world" I could meet a woman at a bar, exchange numbers and then a week later, she too could drop off the face of the earth. With 10 years and countless dates, I've made a few friends, gone on lots of dates, and have even managed to get 3 somewhat serious relationships out of it.

There is no formula for "pick-up" lines or what to say or how to approach. I don't believe in the instant chemistry, but much like a job interview, there are a bunch of other candidates in back of me and one wrong move, or if there isn't that instant spark, then I'm done for! Perhaps I need to learn to simply shrug it off and move on! I am 27 years old and have been resorting to online dating for the last 10 years. With college done with, I am doing the 40-hour work week. I only got one match, who revealed herself almost a month after the event.

It again bears mentioning that most relationships are formed not through individual initiative but through recourse to human networks, be they friends or relatives or the work-environment.

A person left to his own initiative to form relationships, when the human networks are absent or ineffective, is going to struggle almost invariably, unless fortuitously blessed with a winning personality or great personal appeal.

That's three solid years of practice to will take into your 30s much more confident about your ability to meet women in person.

Do your best to have as many girl-friends and go out with them, no matter how they look. Then you at least have enough experience to know where the descent restaurants, bars, clubs, whatever.

It's price but those guys are the best at reprogramming your head about dating rules and skills.

I took it 10 years ago and i went from average dating with mixed hits with hot women, to much improved and too my delightful satisfaction.

" Then when we finally do meet for coffee, dinner or whatever the case might be, I feel everything goes great.