Elizabeth’s nationality is American and her ethnicity is White.

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He's not confident in what he does as much as he puts it out. If you think about it, that's why people lash out, get angry or frustrated - is out of fear.

If you're very confident in who you are, you wouldn't have reason to lash out."Leading lesson: Surround yourself with positive influences. I wouldn't say we'd steal things – we might nick things."And it was Shirley who reigned them in.

When she confronted him and asked if he had been smoking, he said, "No, no." He writes in the book: She raised her hand and slapped it hard across my cheek.

I swear I almost swallowed my teeth." He says with a smile, "I remember her connecting with my face so hard.

He shared the "leading lessons" from his book (Taking the Lead: Lessons from a Life in Motion), along with how they apply to his daily life.

Leading lesson: Failure can't live in the company of perseverance."I was this scrawny little guy in Utah, and I would get punched in the face. I have a sense of 'Wow, wonder where they were in their minds?He doesn't immediately start leaping and twirling (nor does he pull us aside for a quick foxtrot, unfortunately), but he's happy to take a few airborne steps for photos and to share that a simple hip swivel is the easiest dance you can do.USA TODAY caught up with the 29-year-old at a recent stop on his just-wrapped Move Live on Tour.Baltimore -- Derek Hough takes one look at the grand piano in the middle of the rehearsal room at the Lyric Opera House and can't resist playing a few riffs.He smiles at the mirror-lined walls that seem to cry out for him to dance.She said that wasn't for smoking, it was for lying."Shirley, who is still a dance trainer and lives in Los Angeles near Derek, says she remembers the smoking incident and hitting him.