The prince and his friends place the utmost trust in Cindy's maintenance work.

However, there is more to her than just her bubbly personality and sunny demeanor, as she is also responsible for having revitalized Hammerhead when business started going downhill.

She derives her work ethic from being raised by Cid, and from her long friendship with Holly Teulle, whom Cindy views as a role model.

Hammerhead is a body shop located in the Leide region of the Kingdom of Lucis.

The ever-cheerful belle of the body shop Cindy Aurum handles the day-to-day business.

After the party loses the Regalia at the Disc of Cauthess, Cindy tries to track it down.

Days later, she calls Noctis to let them know the car has been taken to an imperial base.

Cindy is upbeat, driven, and always enthusiastic about her work.

She is passionate about cars and fascinated with technology that originates from the Crown City, which has been isolated from the rest of Lucis for thirty years.

She services the player's car, the Regalia, and can customize and upgrade it.

She is the granddaughter of Cid Sophiar, who owns the Hammerhead service station.

Her toolbox, which is also the same yellow color as her jacket, is stuffed with her tools of the trade, including a spanner, a monkey-wrench, and a hexagonal wrench key, among others.