Incest is not: role play, kissing, step-anything (but, eh, its allowed), wrestling, talking about incest, masturbating.Other bullshit: No audio, no dialog, music in place of dialog, inaudible nonsense, videos uploaded by people known to upload bullshit, pictures, softcore, duplicates, almost ALL pro porn, and any other dumb-shit gimmick to make mislabeled crap seem like legitimate incest. That includes shit like the xxx-posed vids, slices of longer vids, and so on. All videos must be in English, or otherwise provide at least some indication that its two family-folk bumpin' hips.

Our families don't talk to each other because of issues.

I actually got her to admit that she liked the idea of us getting together because no one would think we would do anything sexual with each other so i went to her place, picked her up and went for dinner.

(I truly hope that banning people from Motherless groups does not become a part of my day-to-day life, I just want to pull on my cock from time to time and otherwise not think about any of this)--Members are also encouraged to: - "Share" legit vids- Troll, spam, and flame people who mislabel their vids on purpose.- Translate from/to english in the video comments- Provide evidence information in the comments (i.e.

" fuck me daddy")- Delete or report duplicates- Find and post longer versions of vids- Post stories of their ACTUAL experiences in the forums, - Post links to other incest resources in the forums, - Invite other like minded members.. Hey Motherless, You may remember me from and other threads (Troy Maclure voice).

This isn't really a confession but I'm spending the weekend with one of the girls on my Tumblr (sluts4use.- look under the Slut11 tag).

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