Here are some findings from the survey: “What surprised me most on the survey is that the girls were so honest, and I think the reason why they were so honest is because the survey was anonymous,” retired model and daytime TV host Tyra Banks told TODAY co-anchor Matt Lauer on Friday.But when some of girls surveyed came onto her show and described their sexual activities, “I was shocked again,” she added. I really do believe that they were telling the truth.” Open talk about diseases, pregnancies On “The Tyra Banks Show” airing Friday, eight girls ranging in age from 14 to 17 discuss the survey findings and share their own personal experiences.“What Planned Parenthood is promoting here is just stupidity masked as sensitivity.

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Whether directly or indirectly, businesses use sex to sell products from shampoo to Chevrolets. Anna Kournikova, the most marketable woman sports figure in the world has yet to win a tournament, but according to the million dollar endorsements corporations throw at her it is obvious that her sex appeal is far more intriguing and important than her serve; the public agrees. However, we have become so desensitized to it that it is no longer viewed as something sacred, or an act reserved exclusively for married couples.

Clothing lines market their outfits by taking them off their models. Instead, sex is seen as something for anyone at anytime. Just look at the divorce rates in the United States. It is mocked on television "reality" shows where a man or woman chooses a suitor based solely on looks- and we think arranged marriages are strange and archaic?

Tucker and the executive vice president and chief brand officer of Planned Parenthood debate the GOP's health care plan's intent to cut funding over abortion services and its potential impact on the organization and women nationwide #Tucker Apparently children as young as 4 are not too young to be told that gender and sex are different and that their genitals don't indicate their gender, according to new Planned Parenthood guidelines for parents.

On a page of its website titled “How do I talk with my preschooler about their body?

y Chris Fay Each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband. Paul 1 Corinthians 7: 2 Today, sex is associated with everything.

You cannot walk down the street or turn on the radio without seeing and hearing about sex.Unfortunately, the Bible does not come out and directly say, "Premarital sex is wrong," or "Sex is a gift that should be shared with as many people as many times as possible." The Bible is a tool used by many to answer the most thought-provoking questions, but at times one can pull out contradicting verses, which leaves even the most ardent believers scratching their head.Statistics is not the only thing that you can use to support almost anything.Parents, brace yourselves: The survey results are in, and you may not like what they reveal about girls and sex.More than 10,000 teenage girls and young women took part in an anonymous survey over the summer on Tyra, the Web site of “The Tyra Banks Show.” Survey questions focused on sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancy, as well as drinking, drugs and violence among females.Seven of the eight say they are sexually active; of those seven, just one says she uses protection when having sex.