Another girl, a 17-year-old mother of a 7-month-old boy, says she lost her virginity on a school lunch break and deliberately planned her pregnancy by monitoring her menstrual cycle.

“I had helped teach a sex-ed class to a class of freshmen my sophomore year,” she explains. there’s a week [in] the month you are more likely to get pregnant than any other time of the month.

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Unfortunately, the Bible does not come out and directly say, "Premarital sex is wrong," or "Sex is a gift that should be shared with as many people as many times as possible." The Bible is a tool used by many to answer the most thought-provoking questions, but at times one can pull out contradicting verses, which leaves even the most ardent believers scratching their head.

Statistics is not the only thing that you can use to support almost anything.

Parents should then point out to their child, the page continues, that genitals do not definitively establish gender, and that their children “can make that decision based on your values and how you plan to talk with your kid about gender as they grow up.” Critics, mainly from conservative ranks, say Planned Parenthood’s encouragement of parents to discuss gender identity with children who barely can string a sentence together and haven’t yet learned the alphabet is preposterous.

Some people with the gender identities 'boy' or 'man' have vulvas, and some with the gender identity 'girl' or 'woman' have penises/testicles. “Gender is not fluid, either you have a penis or you don’t,” said Tim Wildmon, president of American Family Association, a Mississippi-based group that promotes conservative values.

“And more than them being embarrassed to talk to their parents, their parents are embarrassed to talk to them.

So they're finding all [about] sex education with their friends, with their peers.

I had calculated that out and I decided on two days I was most likely to get pregnant.” Girls on the show also talk about experimenting with the drugs salvia and Ecstasy and getting into violent fights with other girls. Elizabeth Schroeder, executive director of Answer, a teen sex education program based at Rutgers University, said the survey results sound plausible and are consistent with other research on teen sexuality. Developmentally this is the way they’re supposed to be behaving. “Parents need help talking with their kids about sexuality, and schools need to be talking to kids about sexuality.” Banks told Lauer that this kind of communication simply isn't happening for many teens.

“This so clearly points to the need for comprehensive sexual education for kids,” Schroeder said. “They are not talking to their parents; they’re embarrassed to talk to their parents,” Banks said.

Critics also say that Planned Parenthood’s suggested talking points are misleading. “If you do need help talking to your kids about gender and gender identity — and there’s no shame in that — please, use real science as a guideline, and not garbage propaganda.” “The truth is, sex is more complicated today.

“Of all the things it is — absurd, irresponsible, pretentious — one thing it definitely is not is scientific,” New York Daily News columnist S.

Seven of the eight say they are sexually active; of those seven, just one says she uses protection when having sex.