My ex spilled the dirt and I found out he cheated on me with this piece of work Kacey Wellman. Continue Reading Tonya Drumm Barton was sleeping with my friends husband for months. Photoshop can only do so much and time isn’t good to anyone who lives my deceitful and disgusting life style.

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He regularly cheated on his wife, got displined in the military because of his infidelity, and then the POS went and slept with one of his coworker’s wives. He attempted to “date” me but luckily I found out about him long before I let it get that far. Let’s start by saying that this POS truly enjoys to ruin marriages and families.

I found out that he’s got two little girls which he obviously doesn’t care much about as he is only out for himself. So far she has tried to destroy not one, not two, but three marriages. this f$cking wh&re is married) that she’ll do whatever on earth to ruin whoever seems to be happier than her.

Based on her looks, I’m not quite sure how she gets away with it, but I suppose someone with a low-level intellect may not care about her lack their of…

We all know that those who are not emotionally developed prioritize satisfying first basic, physical needs. 👅 Don’t trust her further than you can throw her ladies…

She’s a woman with no morals and no responsibilities!

She doesn’t own a car, she has no apartment and sleeps at a different hotel every night, she has a terrible drug problem cocaine and booze, and her poor kids (she has 4 Of them) she doesn’t take care of. but as a working girl, I have to try and keep up appearances. I’m a selfish piece of sh#t that only thinks about myself.

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She has has cheated on her husband Tommy several times with James, Mark, some guy at the laundry mat, and several others. He messaged her asking how much after finding her ad on backpage (that post has been removed but a couple others remain just google, listcrawler, eroticmonkey even backpage reviews prove this woman for what she was and denies ever being).