We give emotional and practical help to people who have been affected by crime in North Wales.

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Tel: 0300 30 30 159 Email: [email protected] Last year we offered immediate support to over 10,000 people affected by crime in North Wales, and gave in-depth support to more than 1,000 people.

Alice’s teenage daughter was befriended by an older man on social media, and it was only when her daughter went to meet him that it became apparent that he was considerably older than he had said.

They offer a confidential service for men, women and children who have been sexually assaulted, either recently or in the past.

No doubt her already buoyant mood was lifted further with the news that she and Prince William are to take America by storm with a whirlwind visit to Hollywood this summer.

We’ll help you for as long as it takes to overcome the impact of crime.

We are here to help anyone affected by crime, not only victims, but their friends, family and any other people involved.

We work in partnership with local health boards and our service delivery teams to provide a triage service package.