Military Member For Service; Facebook To Show Users Russian Connections; Life In A Rebuilding Syrian Town; CNN's Gets Rare Access To Pope's Farm; Rohingya Children Healing Through Kite Flying.Aired at 10-11a ET • Deadline Passes For Zimbabwe's Mugabe To Quit; German's Message To Political Parties; Argentine Submarine has Been Missing Since Wednesday; Chancellor Says He Will Steer Germany Through Crisis; Saudi Arabia Allies Call For United Front Against Iran; Toll Of War In Yemen.Mr Williamson is due to hold talks with Mr Hammond and Theresa May later this week to thrash out how to fill a £2 billion hole in the Ministry of Defence budget.

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” He knows nothing about how to run a big-spending department, and sweet FA about defence.

But he does know his way around the MPs.’ Another source was even blunter, saying: ‘That boy doesn’t know one end of a rifle from another.’The Treasury was particularly irritated last week when Mr Williamson publicly argued that Nato’s target for two per cent of GDP to be spent on defence should be a ‘base not a ceiling’.

Considering Recognizing Jerusalem As Israel's Capital; Greek Musician Graces Saudi Stage.

K.-Irish border issue has dodge wider talks; Republic of Ireland fears hard border with U.

If I have a partner to walk through life that would be great, But if that doesn’t happen, I feel great.

She was even rumored to be involved with several actors and entertainers including rapper French Montana, Brown Suger co-star Taye Diggs, and NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.But I have worked so hard to create this life and I’m in a pretty good place.Lathan was allegedly dating Out of Control co-star Denzel Washington while filming the movie.The actress Sanna Lathan is apparently single, not committed to any relationship currently!That's inspiring and commendable at the same time!But Mr Williamson’s friend said: ‘When Hammond was Defence Secretary, he oversaw damaging cuts to the Armed Forces, leaving them in a parlous state.‘He is now rightly nervous that a light is about to be shone on his poor record.’The Prime Minister’s decision to parachute Mr Williamson into the job last month, when Sir Michael Fallon was forced out during the sex harassment scandal, caused fury among Tory MPs.