Lisa Lambert was a single mother from Pawnee City, Nebraska who often let friends stay with her for extra help, and company because she lived out of town. Both men forced their way inside and murdered Teena, Lambert, and De Vine with fatal gunshot wounds. Tisdel was not present at the house at the time of the murder as depicted in the film Boys Don't Cry, but was safely at her home 30 minutes away in Falls City with her mother and sister.

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John Lotter, 22, and Marvin Nissen, 21, both of Falls City, were arrested for investigation of murder and held in the county jail. One woman she dated was Lana Tisdel, 19, of Falls City, who said she met Ms.

De Vine had left home to visit friends in Nebraska. Lambert for about three months, but their relationship was unclear, Mr. Her friends said she moved to the area from Lincoln about three months ago and went by the name Brandon Teena.

The two eventually kidnapped and then drove Teena to a rural area and beat and raped him.

Afterwards, Teena escaped to Tisdel's house, where Tisdel and her mother convinced him to speak to the police, and go to the hospital.

"She told me that she had a sex change and it's not all done," Ms.

Tisdel (born May 28, 1975) was the girlfriend of Brandon Teena, a transgender male who was raped and murdered in Humboldt, Nebraska on December 31, 1993.

De Vine was from Fairfield, Iowa, and his stepfather said in a telephone interview that Mr.

Brandon was arrested about two weeks ago on alcohol and forgery charges.

Teena was new to the close-knit area, from Lincoln, Nebraska, and the local crowd was curious about him.

Teena and Tisdel began dating because Tisdel found Teena attractive, believing he was cisgender male.

Lotter and Nissen had told Teena that if he told anyone what they did, they would kill him.