A few weeks later, their bogus status is revealed — by which time the victim has bought the Money Pak and sent the details to the scammer.

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See Replacing Lost or Stolen Green Card for more on this topic. USCIS does not mind if you carry around an expired green card once you have the N-400 application for naturalization on file.

If you need to change jobs or travel outside the U. For details on the process of applying to convert from conditional to permanent resident status, see Immigration Law Immigration Law Basics Getting a Visa, Green Card or Asylum Getting a Green Card Becoming a U.

On the advance fee type of scam, for instance, another new ruse is to set up supposed debt consolidation and grant companies with a religious tag attached.

Scammers use faith-related words like “Christian” in the business name, both to give it credibility and to draw in victims from these faiths.

You know the rest — the victim wires the money, then the check bounces.

Now that so many people have wised up to this type of fraud, scammers have hit on the idea of using the legitimate Green Dot card system to collect their money.

S., however, you will probably want to renew the green card, to prove to the rest of the world that you are still a permanent resident. S., the two-year expiration date shown on your card is more than a mere date upon which the card stops being valid—it is the date on which your entire status in the U. on an immigrant visa; and investors who gained their U.

You don’t have to have an unexpired green card to apply for citizenship, but you will need a copy of the expired green card if that’s all you have. S., and right to remain here, expires unless you take steps to do something about it.

When the expiration date on your green card is six months away, you will need to apply to renew it.

The form is available at your local USCIS office, by mail from 800-870-3676, or on the I-90 page of the USCIS website.

Along with the bogus check, usually for just under ,000, an accompanying letter says recipients must pay a finder’s fee of 10% to the “broker” who secured the grant. The letter tells victims to buy a Green Dot Money Pak, of the sort available at many retail outlets including drug stores.