Shooters such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive have implemented peer review systems, where if a player is reported too many times, multiple higher ranked players get to review the Suspect and determine if the reports are valid, and apply a temporary ban to the players account if necessary.

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Space sims like Eve Online and Elite: Dangerous have incorporated activities typically considered griefing as part of the gameplay mechanism.

Corporate spying, theft, scams, gate-camping, and Pv P on non-Pv P players are all part of their gaming experience.

Malicious players are then red-flagged, and are then dealt with at a gamemaster's discretion.

As many as 25% of customer support calls to companies operating online games deal specifically with griefing.

In Minecraft freebuild servers, griefing is often the destruction of another player's build, and in other servers the definition ranges, but almost all servers recognize harassment as griefing.

Most servers use temporary bans for minor and/or first time incidents, and indefinite bans from the server for more serious and/or repeat offences.Behaviors other than griefing which can cause players to be stigmatized as "white-eyed" include cursing, cheating, stealing, and unreasonable killing. What might be considered griefing in one area of a game may even be an intended function or mechanic in another area.Common methods may include but are not limited to: It is common for developers to release server-side upgrades and patches to annul griefing methods.Julian Dibbell's 1993 article A Rape in Cyberspace analyzed the griefing events in a particular MUD, Lambda MOO, and the staff's response.In the culture of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) in Taiwan, such as Lineage, griefers are known as "white-eyed"—a metaphor meaning that their eyes have no pupils and so they look without seeing.In October 2016, Valve implemented a change that will permanent ban a player if he/she receives two penalties for griefing.