Alexi is a human rights attorney and this is the couple's first child (couple above in September)'It did not affect my wife's mood.

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Oz” and “Nancy Grace.” Today, as an author, blogger, and television guest expert, Dr.

Seth explains the nuances of relationships, dating, parenting, and other important topics to a national audience on a variety of platforms. Seth’s book or his blog on Psychology Today to learn how to break negative dating patterns and date in a healthier and happier way.

Seth told us he sees a lot of professional adults who don’t have significant mental disorders but seek help regarding relationship problems or self-esteem issues.

Currently, the clinical psychologist specializes in couples therapy, school threat assessment, and parenting.

I realized later that he was doing a final personality vet. " And I thought, "Does anyone blow it at this stage?

After a very short engagement, announced in the summer of 2013, Seth married his longtime girlfriend, lawyer Alexi Ashe Meyers, on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, September 1, 2013.

Meyers later told his studio audience how they came up with his son's name, saying; 'We named our son Ashe, which is my wife's maiden name, and I cant picture a better way to honor what my wife did than by naming him after her.

At that point Meyers paused and turned his head as he became choked up while speaking about his love for his wife and his mother, taking a moment to gather himself before he continued with the monologue.'And so we were talking to the doctor and eventually the doctor said, "yeah, maybe now would be a good time to go in," and so I was helping my wife get changed and while I was helping my wife get changed her water broke. New parents: The SNL alum wed his girlfriend Alexi in 2013 in Martha's Vineyard after five years of dating.

I even said, "look, bunny ears" and she was like, "shut the f*** up, don't ever point another thing out to me for a decade." 'And I kept laughing because I kept thinking back to the last few months, and the number of people who said to me are you ready for this, and watching it happen I couldn't help but think, "who could be ready for this? The last month we've been driving in Ubers around Manhattan while we scream out the window. And we've been pulling baby dolls through a keyhole, so now i know what that looks like, so that wasn't weird either."'Meyers closed out his monologue saying; 'I realize that any parent watching this has gone through this, and you must all just wait for people who aren't parents to have this moment and then go, "see, we told you."'First kid people have a checklist [of] a million things long, whereas on their third kid, they basically just tell you, "Look, [babies] are indestructible.

Seth Meyers is a clinical psychologist sought after for his expertise in relationships, parenting, and youth. Seth runs individual and couples therapy sessions in Los Angeles to help his clients get to the heart of their problems. Seth has also shared his professional opinions on television segments for shows like “Dr.

Seth now runs a private practice as a licensed clinical psychologist and shares his dating advice through blog posts. Seth made a name for himself on television because of his down-to-earth and memorable way of speaking about psychological principles.