Inu-Yasha sat across from him, scowling at the menu.

When Hojo touched her arm, her eyes no longer held a look of distaste.

All in all, Sesshomaru liked the forward progression.

These physical gestures, no matter how small, were helping Kagome learn to relax in the company of other males.

She no longer jumped when Inu-Yasha placed a hand on her shoulder.

After all, this request is coming from Father, so to speak."Inu-Yasha eyed him suspiciously. Father isn't exactly my favorite youkai at the moment, in case you've forgotten. "He's fond of all of the women, but Higurashi is special.

Consequently, it would grieve him immensely if she were to move away from him.

The youkai within him was clamoring loudly for him to take her as his mate and end this nonsense.

Of course, one such action from him and Kagome would freeze completely, undoing all of his hard work of the last two weeks.

It's a pleasant surprise to find out I was wrong.""What do you think of training her to handle your former responsibilities with the real estate?

" Sesshomaru asked thoughtfully, still trying to force his mind back to the office.

He's determined to succeed, in spite of the complications presented by Inu-Yasha and one Higurashi Kagome.