He would love nothing more than to work towards unity upon God’s Word ( In other words, unless qualified, does a specific instruction inherently eliminate all other possibilities, or must God specifically exclude all other possibilities?

Although the practical challenges of any book containing a specific catalog of every prohibition are ridiculous, the reality is that much of Christiandom operates under the principle, Is this attitude correct?

Furthermore, given the historic proliferation of these arguments, objections also naturally exist and abound.

The purpose of this article will be to demonstrate the following most helpful Bible examples toward understanding the boundaries of authority, while also answering some of the more significant objections.

Regardless, such oversimplifications on sides must cease, because it is untenable and the source of great diversion and unnecessary confusion!

Bible authority for the above cases are granted by a very broad and generic pattern, such as the command to assemble, the example of preaching, and the command to sing ( authority, which is later explained in more detail, answers many of the allegations of inconsistent or impossible observance of God's silence in Scriptures.

Girardeau of the Columbia Theological Seminary, 1888).

Therefore, please do not be discouraged into thinking that this represents a narrow sect.Later, we will examine how , permit, and authorize a multitude of options or expediencies.But, the primary purpose of this article will be to examine the restrictive power of God’s silence in conjunction with the specifics of His revealed pattern.We may unintentionally bias our answer by defining the word with a prejudicial slant.Therefore, let us start by building on a neutral platform.Whenever we discover a specific element of the New Testament pattern, how should we interpret the conspicuous absence of further approval or condemnation?