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I want to meet him after his hard work days and tell how I am happy with him.

For me family is another world and I want to create this world with love, trust and harmony. There is nothing better to hug someone you love, to take care of beloved man and to know that when you are together - you are ready to move mountains. I read a lot of different literature, love to walk in the parks and breathe fresh air.

I am starting to realize "here and now", my nature. Salsa and bachata are two of my favourite kinds of dance.

I dream to dance these two passionate dances with my future lover. I am looking for someone who dreams about a strong family and for whom family values are as important as they are important for me. I like to have cosy evenings in a good company in cafes or just walking in the park!

Probably, most of all in the world I like the feeling that I need someone and bring someone joy, happiness. I like to give gifts, it shows how a person will be happy to receive at last that little thing, which he dreamed about for a long time.

This feeling is not a meaningless existence is one of the most enjoyable. I like to write short poems, maybe it does not always work out well, sometimes I do not have enough thoughts, it is difficult to find the right words, but I still like this creative process.When I have free time I try to do all the things that raise my mood and can relax me. I don't consider yoga as just stretching, fitness or other exercises for improving my appearance.For me, yoga is a huge world where I can slow down, stop, listen to myself.I like to help homeless animals and also orphanages, when I have a chance to give something to less fortunate ones it brings pleasure to me.I also teach children German language and after my busy days I love to have a nice sleep.We have a saying: "If you know how to work, you must also know how to have a rest." I try to spend my free time not just for pleasure, but for something useful.