If you are a monogamous male by nature who loves your woman sincerely and suddenly falls in love with another amazing woman, then you need to make serious decisions.

You might be created for a more open sexual way of life and guys who date multiple women are not so weird.

) on various social networks, there you will also meet at least one girl dating multiple guys.

At this point, you need to sit down and figure out whether you feel something bigger than just sexual desire.

If at the first stage, there is nothing besides the desire to have sex, the relationship will develop according to the following scenario: lust, sex, boredom with a guilty conscience.

Practicing Honest Communication Determining What You Want Maintaining Boundaries and Commitments Community Q&A Not everyone is ready to settle down with one partner.

Some people choose to have multiple relationships at once for their whole lives.

You like Maria because it is interesting and pleasant to spend time with her, and you like Kayla thanks to amazing sex and her ability to cook deliciously.

It is not the true love but an attempt to make an ideal partner from two imperfect variants.

Therefore, psychologists advise in some cases, “If you cannot deal with feelings for two different girls, break up with both.

In fact, you are involved in dating multiple women, but you do not like any of them.” Periodically, bothersome thoughts about sex with a colleague at work or a pretty barista in Starbucks come to your mind.

Blaming yourself for the fact that you are casually dating multiple people is a stupid and ungrateful thing. Psychologists recommend in such cases not to seek remorse, and take her photos to whack off to (of course, not directly in front of her eyes.) The brain will get a false signal, and the degree of desire will begin to decrease over time. It seems that you have calmed down, but another casual dating with her makes you lose the dignity again.