Error[Http Exception (0x80004005): The Grid View 'Grid View1' fired event Row Editing which wasn't handled.] System.

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So when we change the Command Name property of the buttons to some other text then it will work fine.

I am using a Gridview with the On ROWCOMMAND to handle all update operations.

When a row is update the ONROWCOMMAND is performed but I am getting an error message saying "The Grid View 'dgd_Alerts' fired event Row Updating which wasn't handled." Why do I need an event for the On ROWUPDATING and how I can prevent this message from appearing?

I do not want to create an empty method just to handle this event. from the code you've posted it seems there's no rowupdating event handler set.

Below is my updated gridview with rowupdating event.

If I do not provide it, I will get the error "Grid View 'dgd_Alerts' fired event Row Updating which wasn't handled".

With thanks to Azim for helping me previously I near have a near full functioning form. However upon applying the Edit, Update Cancel I get the following.

I suspect this is because I am using the GUI and this will require some code per coloumn?

tryed to get your error setting the On Row Updated on a test gridview. try commenting out the rowupdated event handler and see if you get the same error again.