After many debates in the government, the processions were authorized, and it was in the city of Faizabad, close to Ayodhya, that [Rajiv Gandhi-decoupe_recherche=rajiv gandhi] opened the electoral campaign (for the ninth Lok Sabha) and promised a Ram Raj (kingdom of Ram).On May 16, the murder of a Hindu during a banal land dispute provided the spark for more extensive rioting.

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The PAC arrived in Maliana (where some Muslims, initially taken prisoner in Hashimpura, were alleged to have taken refuge) and started shooting into Muslim homes.

The Hindu residents of the village, particularly Dalits, took part in the looting and burning. The death toll and the savagery of these events left their mark on post-Independence India.

This situation was largely the consequence of the BJP's new attitude (Bharatiya Janata Party, Indian People's Party) and its fresh strategy-a strategy much more offensive than its earlier more moderate stance.

Moderation had not paid off in the 1984 general elections (the BJP had only two seated Member of Parliaments in the Lok Sabha).

On 30 March 1987, large numbers of Meerut's Muslims participated in a rally held by the Babri Masjid Action Committee (BMAC) in Delhi, where inflammatory speeches were delivered by the [Shahi Imam Syed Abdullah Bukhari.-

decoupe_recherche=bukhari] On April 14, a riot erupted during the Muslim festival of Shab-e-barat (the night of freedom), claiming ten lives.

It was the Ramzan (Ramadan) period and Muslims were celebrating Iftar.

Following appeals broadcast from the mosque's loudspeaker, they pelted stones at the police.

Muslims attacked a Hindu shop in retaliation and stabbed its owner to death.