That will enable you to identify new ideas to try and experiment with inside this book - without these though, the book is more likely to confuse and distract you than help.The book is an excellent piece of work - just make sure it's right for you before you get it.

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Dandies: those who cannot be categorized and play with masculinity and femininity to create their image 5.

Naturals: embody longed qualities of childhood and exhibit a playful spirit that puts others at ease 6.

If you are at an advanced level and know how to study, research and apply information in the form of new mindsets and techniques of your own this is a great book to give you more ideas.

For others, this will likely be more of a hindrance (confusing) than helpful due to the lack of practical implementation advice.

Charismatics: exhibiting the confident, sexual, purposeful qualities others lack and want 9.

Stars: the standouts with an appealing and distinctive style that commands attention It also shows you how to nurture your dominant character trait, add a second or third trait for depth and mystery, and realize your Anti-Seducer opposite potential.The book provides the only review of publicly accessible information on seduction through to the year 2000.It is a huge work of research on the part of Robert Greene, who is know for his rigorous research and investigation of human behavior.It provides an interesting take on the history of seduction literature.This may be useful for 'inspiration' for those more advanced daters who can use it to improve and carve their skills with supporting mindsets and ideas.The content is based on recounts in literature and the authors own perspective of famous societal figures in history.