In this book, Greene explains that we all have the power of attraction and can realize our individual potential by understanding a person’s character. The book chapters address the nine types of seducers that Greene says exist in the world: 1.Sirens: the ultimate male fantasy figure transporting him to a realm of pure pleasure 2.

Part One - The Seductive Character - The Siren - The Rake - The Ideal Lover - The Dandy - The Natural - The Coquette - The Charmer - The Charismatic - The Star - The Anti-Seducer - The Seducer’s Victims: The Eighteen Types Part Two - The Seductive Process - Choose the Right Victim - Create a False Sense of Security: Approach Indirectly - Send Mixed Signals - Appear to Be An Object of Desire: Create Triangles - Create a Need: Stir Anxiety and Discontent - Master the Art of Insinuation - Enter Their Spirit - Create Temptation - Keep Them In Suspense: What Comes Next?

- Use the Demonic Power of Words to Sow Confusion - Pay Attention to Detail - Poeticize Your Presence - Disarm Through Strategic Weakness and Vulnerability - Confuse Desire and Reality: The Perfect Illusion - Isolate the Victim - Prove Yourself - Effect a Regression - Stir Up the Transgressive and Taboo - Use Spiritual Lures - Mix Pleasure with Pain - Give Them Space to Fall: The Pursuer Is Pursued - Use Physical Lures - Master the Art of the Bold Move - Beware the Aftereffects Appendix A: Seductive Environment / Seductive Time Appendix B: Soft Seduction: How to Sell Anything to the Masses This is just some clever fictional-type writing about powerful men who "seduced" women hundreds of years ago. lol I bought this book because I thought that it would help me improve my skillset with women.

This is a clear case of a book that some men will use to develop and master new skills, while for others... It's not for everyone - and there's a right time and a wrong time to read it.

I'd recommend you get this book if you are already adept at meeting and attracting women and you have a 'studious' and learning by yourself nature.

It's not high on 'entertainment' factor, so requires this type of mindset to go through and get value from it.

The purpose and content of the book is not immediately or directly practical advice.

If you are at an advanced level and know how to study, research and apply information in the form of new mindsets and techniques of your own this is a great book to give you more ideas.

For others, this will likely be more of a hindrance (confusing) than helpful due to the lack of practical implementation advice.

Coquettes: grand masters of orchestrating between hope and frustration 7.