As spiritual Role Models of Royalty, a Rastafari Empress must dress modest yet Feminine at all times.

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As a Rastafari Empress Respect for your Rastaman is of the utmost importance.

This means no yelling at your Kingman, or not letting him speak and say his peace.

Also when in public a true Rastafari Empress will not disagree with her Kingman but only support him to show others that you are a loving and united front. Always show your Kingman you will do whatever he asks of you because you love him in the same light that Jah loves him.

Can you imagine Empress Menen disagreeing with King Selassie I in public. A Rastafari Empress is always mindful of how she is dressing.

She avoids clothing that is revealing, or too tight to the body.

We are sure to cover our buttocks area, and not to wear shirts or dresses which accentuate the bust line. So I thought I would do a blog post just for the ladies.There are many women from all over the world who desire to embrace the Rastafari faith, but are unsure how to live as an Empress day-to-day. You said: I dont know if all black Rastafarian men date white women, or that they are hard core, but I think I would agree that interracial -- (i.e.Of course, not all Rasta males have white mates, but you agree with me MOST Rasta men who sleep with white women esteem these women, the question then becomes to who do their hold their alliance? You said: Generally speaking, and speaking from my own personal experience, Ive had no major problem with it and its personally not for me to judge.We try our best to use love to make our point as much as possible.