The earthquake produced a 120 km-long ground rupture that extended from Dingalan to Kayapa with a maximum lateral displacement up to 6.2 meters and vertical displacement up to 2 meters.Damage was generally localized (particularly west of the fault) related to the effects of local topography and ground conditions.Surprisingly it was not so severe in the proximity of the fault and in the epicentral area as it was in other areas built on soft soils or unstable slopes (e.g. The worst affected towns were Baguio, Agoo, Dagupan, Aringay, and Pura where the maximum felt intensity was MM VIII-IX; Tarlac, Cabanatuan, Rizal and Manila suffered partial damage.

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According to Rantucci (1995) nearly 100,000 houses were damaged and 40% of them were virtually destroyed.

Generally light-weight buildings performed better than the concrete buildings.

Baguio remained isolated for 48h because of the landslides.

Many landslides were triggered by the aftershock swarm (characterized by magnitude as big as 6) and subsequent monsoon rains.

The earthquake was the result of a complex rupture process characterized by two main shocks which occurred during a 1 to 3 minutes period as witnessed by many people.

It was caused by a left-lateral movement along the NW striking Philippine Fault Zone, already source of catastrophic earthquakes in the past, and its northern splay known as the Digdig fault.

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On Monday, July 16, 1990, at pm local time, a moment magnitude 7.7 earthquake struck northern and central Luzon, resulting in widespread damage and loss of lives.

The epicenter (15.723N, 121.18W) was located in the proximity of Rizal City, north of Cabanuatan.

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