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Here, I will explain how to show a Grid View with various types of paging in ASP. We use C# code to bind the SQL data with a Grid View control and use the following simple steps to make your ASP. The Grid View control provides you with an easy way to display the number of items on a page without taking much space, with the help of paging. Creating Table in SQL Server Database Now create a table named Userinfo with columns User ID, User Name and Country. is executed, the event will be fired for Page Index Changed paging.

If you observe the code above I have set the Pager Setting property for the Grid View.

Click on the Grid View control and press F4 and set the following properties. Page Button Count To display number of pages in the paging.

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In this event, you can safely bind the grid again to access the second page.

It is always preferable to cache the data used to bind the data source.

Page Size Number of rows from the data source to display per page.