They pick cartoonishly stereotypical pseudonyms to fit each wedding: Lou Epstein and Chuck Schwartz for a Jewish wedding, Seamus O’Toole and Bobby O’Shea for an Irish wedding, Sanjay Collins and Chuck Vindaloo for an Indian wedding.

If they stumble into a cash bar, they flash a Purple Heart replica to ensure that they never need to pay for a drink.’ basic premise tips from sketchy into creepy.

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It’s not until later that she confesses she was bullshitting him about being a virgin because she likes to tell guys what she thinks they want to hear.

"It hurts to be lied to like that," Vaughn complains.

You can practically see the lightbulb over his head—and for a brief moment, it looks like might be self-aware enough to interrogate the lies men and women tell each other because they’re afraid to be themselves.

Unfortunately, this scene is the exception to the rule.

(It could be even weirder; there are plenty of popped champagne bottles, but stacks the deck to try to make these guys a little more likable.

Wilson’s hilariously underdeveloped backstory—both his parents were killed in a horrific, nonspecific accident when he was a kid—is a clear (albeit unconvincing) attempt to justify his arrested development."There was a big concern [before production started] from the marketing department, who sat me down and said, ' I don’t know how we’re going to [sell] this movie — these guys are predators.' I had just never thought of it that way.They said, ' They’re going to these weddings, lying about who they are and doing all this stuff to get these girls to sleep with them.' " stars Wilson and Vaughn as a pair of buddies who routinely crash strangers’ weddings and manipulate the hottest bridesmaids into sleeping with them.Star-studded but casually misogynist would-be comedy, whose central problem is the delusion that women enjoying sexual freedom is…Auggie Pullman (Tremblay) has endured over 27 operations to correct his facial abnormalities and is at last going to school, to his parents’ concern.The two couples drive off together, spontaneously deciding to crash another nearby wedding disguised as folk singers from Salt Lake City.?