I have often thought that one difference in potency of anti-Islamic feeling versus anti-Semitism may be measured in the simple fact that while mosques are often unguarded, most synagogues have serious security.

And yet on Saturday in a Muslim country, Jews walked freely into the synagogue, and no one bothered to ask questions or check bags. At a meeting the week before in Jerusalem, an Israeli diplomat said to our group: “I would hesitate to walk down the street in Sweden with a kippah, but not in Azerbaijan.

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However, being alone after having been married for so long is not the same. Well marriage is a bit like that; it changes your way of thinking so drastically (without you realizing it) that you truly have nothing else to grasp on to once you walk out that door, and in order to survive, you return to the last thing you knew when you were alone. How many men do you know who ended up with young women, women more or less the same age as their first wives when they met them? But often times, it's a painful journey and if you can't handle being alone for a long time, long enough to figure yourself out, to understand who you are apart from your marital relationship, to find yourself again (which really can, and should, take years), then all you will do is hurt a lot of people, including yourself and the people you love most in the world, change partners and go underground again. You learn to see with different parts of your brain, of your life, even parts you (arrogantly) thought you were already using.

And it's not the same to be alone at 45 (or 65) as it is to be alone in your early 20s (when everyone is alone). Even the divorcees and the widowers are all looking to recouple. And the same is now true for women (commonly called cougars). If you can stomach the loneliness (extreme and painful at times), then you have a chance. You find them anew and realize they're dusty and old and in need of polishing and repair. It is a rendering of all things built to keep you comfortable and safe.

Although more than 90% of the population is Muslim, both Sunni and majority Shiite live here together, Jews feel accepted and appreciated, and the same seems true for other religious minorities.

We had traveled to Azerbaijan to bring a Torah to the mountain Jews of Baku.

I know this because I was the one who broke us 10 years ago. I was fortunate enough to realize my mistake and most fortunate for my husband to forgive me - except he never really did and that is the crux of the issue. Trying to figure out what this will mean for my sons - one a junior in high school, one in 8th grade and one in 2nd grade. And the truth in that has broken my heart into a million pieces - destruction of together-dreams, forever-dreams, family-dreams, love-dreams...

I thought that because we made it through that mess we would always be solid. A fight was just a fight; a disagreement just that - not the end of the world and, for sure, nothing to end our our marriage They were opportunities to practice arguing, practice saying I'm sorry and, well, just arguments. I spend my commute days wiping away tears and choking back the vomit I feel in the pit of my stomach. Trying to figure out how I can best manage this situation. How am I going to be able to afford to live in this same affluent town to keep my kids in the only school district they've ever known? I am grieving and it is the worst grief I've ever experienced. Unfortunately, as anyone who has dealt with grief understands, it's just a hole in your heart that no one can help heal. No matter how many people I have around me, this is mine to deal with alone.

Among the about 30,000 Jews who live in the country, the mountain Jews have a very long history, tracing their origin back thousands of years.

After the destruction of the First Temple in 587 BCE, Jews are said to have settled in the area of southern Azerbaijan, now the northwestern part of Iran.

In Azerbaijan no one will give you a hard time.” I can attest to the accuracy of that statement.