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The fact that in eight months your boyfriend never confided in you about this addiction and that there was enough doubt in his trustworthiness that you snooped through his computer confirms that this relationship isn’t as honky dory as you might like to think.

There are serious issues here, and I suspect that participating in online chat rooms is just the tip of the addiction iceberg.

He also admitted he used to see a therapist for it.

He makes fake accounts that don’t even use his name; however, he claims never to have met any of the girls he talks dirty to in this way. He is really ashamed that he is still doing it and has promised he will go back to therapy for it. — Girlfriend of Chat Room Addict No, I wouldn’t recommend staying with anyone you’ve only just started dating who has an untreated/unmanaged addiction of any kind that has and will affect your relationship, particularly your intimate relationship and your level of trust.

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