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Pyschos stalkers free chat no registrastion-22

I can't remember the last time I had a good laugh for the sake of being funny in a chatroom and most likely it came from me. The low self esteem regulars will challenge you and the life-long pontificators are losing their virtual spotlight. They orchestrate a silly little mob of zombies that have The Mynah Bird's Guide to Curse Words propped up on their keyboard, ready for a junior high chatroom brawl against anyone that the battle axes deem not part of "their beloved chatroom". BWAH HA HA HA HA) I then made my way over to Blogs thinking that more literate and educated folk were to be found there.

They get you banned for speaking back and boom, your silver membership is gone! Instead I found super heroes disguised as Aids Councilors and condiments Soy Kofla and retired multiple felon steroid users Alissa Tim who shoot up and pick fights with homeless people later to follow up with ex email boyfriends of their female fight fan club.

An Infectious Disease Major who is instead a Major Infectious Disease in blogs going by how many posts are about him.

"Alissa Tim" has decided he is the "arcangel" of the blogs. Not only has he been to jail multiple times, he can't even spell what he claims to be!

At least he's come out of the violence closet with these new handles. As he ignores the other big web site scoundrel LCR (see below) who made death threats against 800s wife, children and himself but he is chummy enough now to hang around in the same posts and even acts civil. Then there is Fire Gryphon Tim's maid in waiting who has problems with how tight her tinfoil hats are and how baked her brain is.

He thinks he's in disguise on the first two while he's so doped up he signs his original handle and refers to himself as Tim, speaking directly as Tim. If she stopped wearing her big gurl panties over her head like a face mask, she might actually wake up and realize that's her own feces she's smelling.When he's not dropping Xanax, Alissa Tim is killing protected birds of prey with a compound bow for the crime of gasp eating a wild rabbit and stalking people he's decided he doesn't like, while threatening to make them "drip their red rubies.".Of course Tim is also a chat room doctor (read dropped out medical student) with a god complex and a decent ability to copy and paste medical literature.When he isn't harassing women on the site by cyber stalking them and threatening them or reporting their activities to social services so their children are taken away, he's instructing hardened criminals and drug users like Alissa Tim how to use IP spoofing software to anonymously harass other members of the site with no retribution, simply because these members had the NERVE to not fall in love forever on a SEX SITE!Then there is the Melissa crowd from Ohio and around who write all day about trolls while actively acting like the biggest troll on the site.This is the best way to manage and repair your business reputation. Consumers want to see how a business took care of business. How those businesses take care of those complaints is what separates good businesses from the rest.