The reasons why guys don’t end up staying in Malaysia for long are pretty simple.

You aren’t legally allowed to be alone in a room with a Malaysian girl. But no worries, there are many foreign prostitutes at the Beach Club in Kuala Lumpur from other countries and they couldn’t care less what you do with them.

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Have fun picking up foreign prostitutes at Beach Club in Kuala Lumpur.

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The only set fee you pay is the 40 ringgit or $10 entry fee.

But how much you have to pay the girl is negotiable between you and her.

Half of my dates are simply going over to the girls place to bang and many others are where she pays because she knows I’m poor.

Game is like having passive income, where even if you are not currently paying to play, you still have residual pussy that you can fuck for free.

Your only hope of a relationship in that case is a mail order bride (which I’m not bashing but just saying).

The main difference between guys learning game and guys banging prostitutes is laziness. Meet a regular john and you’ll understand what I mean—they brag about fucking prostitutes like a college guy brags about fucking a sorority slut.

So you can head here, find a girl and head back to the hotel for some fun with no problems.