I haven't used AVG for at least 5 years now - currently using COMODO Antivirus.

I found that AVG was always a few days 'behind the curve' in updating their product with Firefox releases and didn't handle the pre-release versions properly, IMO - so I switched to Avira in 2011.

problem updating avg-64

I always choose the let us fix this option and then AVG says they're blocked.

Should I reinstall firefox..wait til AVG updates it's Identity Theft Protection feature...

This is likely a valid update to the latest Firefox release.

Note that this screenshot also shows that the latest Shockwave Flash player version is blocked and that version is a security update that you should apply.

I have been using the newest version, but when i hit update it downloaded something... I had the Identity Threat Detection pop up while downloading Eset virus detection (I put a screen shot of what it flagged) This is likely a valid update to the latest Firefox release.

I have the most recent versions of AVG and Firefox and Even tho Identity Theft says it is blocking stuff, the stuff still downloads and works (eset for example)..

I chose "secure the threat" just in case and the eset still ran no problem...

AVG remote guy ran "special tools" and none of these found a threat.root kit scan with AVG and complete scan of computer To the-edmeister: I did microsoft safety scanner spybot, malewarebytes and eset like you suggested...during the download process of eset the Threat Detection popped up and I have attached a screen shot..

Maybe as cor-el mentioned - it might be AVG needs to be updated to recognize that \UPDATED\ folder in preparation for installing the Firefox update.