In this edition of the Windows Desktop Report, I'll show you how to use the Internet Explorer 9 Blocker Toolkit to prevent the automatic delivery of Internet Explorer 9 on a Windows 7 system.

If you had Internet Explorer 9 installed on your PC and you went through the process of uninstalling it, here you'll find a set of instructions on how to turn off the Windows Automatic Updates so that Internet Explorer 9 is not automatically installed on your PC again.

*If you have not uninstalled Internet Explorer 9, please reference KB Article #870 for steps on how to do so.

If you do not pay close attention, you could inadvertently choose the Install option.

Internet Explorer 9 Blocker Toolkit will prevent that scenario from occurring.

"About Internet Explorer" window there is no check box anymore for "Install new versions automatically". I want the latest and greatest right now, but want to keep this servers application stable and not have any other uncontrolled updates.

Is there a registry settings or group policy for this? Thank you EDIT: I think I found it, won't know for sure until IE12 comes out though: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main] "Enable Auto Upgrade"=dword:00000000 How are you receiving Windows Updates? a controlled WSUS server, or directly from Microsoft's Automatic Update service?

There is, though, updates that need a little more scrutiny before being installed in your environment, Internet Explorer is one such update.

Come October 18th 2013 Windows 8.1 will release and there is a very good assumption that an update will be available then or soon after for Internet Explorer 11.

Once you download the Internet Explorer 9 Blocker Toolkit, you'll see that you have a simple executable file named IE9_Blocker

When you double-click the file, you will be prompted to accept the EULA.

As such, it could very easily be installed inadvertently.