Pre-Dating does not conduct background checks of any kind on Its registrants or participants.

We make no warranties or representations as to the conduct of Users or their compatibility with any current or future Users.

Errors & Omissions Pre-Dating is not responsible nor liable for errors or omissions of any kind including any misinterpretation, error or omission of User's Match Sheet results.

However, by User providing to Pre-Dating User's email address and/or telephone number while at a Pre-Dating event, User authorizes Pre-Dating to release said information to other Users who You "match" with.

For more information on how Pre-Dating handles information, You are encouraged to read Our Privacy Promise.

Payment, Charge Backs and Reversals By completing the registration process for one of Our Events, User hereby agrees to pay the Admission Fee charge shown on the appropriate page(s) of the Pre-Dating Web site or the cancellation fee (if applicable, as per Pre-Dating's cancellation policy) and further affirms that User will not "charge back" or otherwise dispute the Fee for any reason whatever including whether User receives any "matches" with Your issue.

If there is a dispute regarding payment for the Services provided by Us, User agrees to expeditiously contact Us to resolve said dispute before escalating the dispute to User's credit card company.

No Representations Pre-Dating makes no representation to Users or others that Its efforts or services will result in any "matches" as defined within the Web site nor will result in any future meeting or date with other Pre-Dating event participants.

For Singles Only & No Background Checks If you choose to register for an event you affirm that you are single and available and not otherwise "attached".Non-Compete User acknowledges that if he or she works for, is contracted by, or plans to work for or be contracted by any similarly competing service, user will not be able to attend any Pre-Dating event without the express permission of Pre-Dating prior to registering.Cancellation Policy User affirms that You have read and understand Pre-Dating's Cancellation Policy.Intellectual Property Pre-Dating owns and retains all proprietary rights in all services offered by Pre-Dating including any and all content on the Web site and paper materials provided at Pre-Dating events.The terms and phrases "Pre-Dating", "Pre Dating", "Pre-Date", "Pre Date", "The Professional's Choice", "Before you Date" and "Before you Date… Pre-Date! Privacy Policy Pre-Dating keeps all information supplied by You confidential, including credit card data.Success Stories & Testimonials We appreciate Our attendee's willingness to share their stories.