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Maybe the outside story was about an excecution- I think that's very clear, at least in the "mama" section.

Obviously I'm not Freddie, but I can share with you a few facts that I have researched, and they can allow one to infer the meaning of this very complex song..

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It re-entered the Top 100 on March 15th, 1992 and peaked at #2 (for 1 week) on May 3rd and stayed on the Top 100 for 16 weeks...

You can just say it was about a simple excecution- that has nothing to do with Freddie.

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He had been dating Mary Austin for give or take 6 years.

Also peaked at #1 in the Netherlands, New Zealand, Belgium, and their native U.

First, LOVE this song, whatever its about (I have always taken it at face value----dude killed someone, now must face the consequences "any way the wind blows", meaning, no matter how you slice it, the consequence is the same---even though he tried to fight the court and ask for leniency because "he's just a poor boy from a poor family", never really had a shot in life).