This type of commerce has developed greatly, due to the advent of the web, and there are already many virtual stores and malls on the Internet, which sell all kinds of consumer goods, such as computers, software, books, shoes, cars, food, financial products, digital publications, etc.When compared to buying retail in traditional commerce, the consumer usually has more information available in terms of informative content and there is also a widespread idea that you’ll be buying cheaper, without jeopardizing an equally personalized customer service, as well as ensuring quick processing and delivery of your order.

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Also, the Internet contains websites,news groups and other areas designed specifically for adults who wish to post, view or read sexually explicit material including stories,pictures and videos.

Some of this material is posted on web sites where there is an attempt to verify the user’s age and/or a requirement for users to enter a credit card number onareas on the Internet make no such effort to control access.

In C2B there is a complete reversal of the traditional sense of exchanging goods.

This type of e-commerce is very common in crowd sourcing based projects.

Also seek out the advice and counsel of teachers, librarians and other Internet and online serviceusers in your area.

Open communication with your children, utilization of such computer resources, and getting online yourself will help you obtain the full benefits of these systems and alert you to any potential problem that may occur with their use.

Beyond these basics, there are some specific things that you should know about the Internet.

For instance, did you know that there are web sites and newsgroups that have material that is hateful, is violent, or contains other types of material that parents might consider to be inappropriate for their children?

The same general parenting skills that apply to the “real world” also apply while online.