He then reacquainted with Chuck Comeau at a Sugar Ray concert and joined him in creating Simple Plan with old schoolmates Jeff Stinco and Sébastien Lefebvre.David Desrosiers also left Reset and joined the new band.But a Czech Simple Plan site has a post that reads: “While we’ve already heard that Simple Plan would be making their return to Europe in a few weeks to do some promo over here, it is still quite surprising they are in fact returning very very soon!

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Pierre is a French Canidian musician, who is best known as the lead singer for pop punk band Simple Plan .

At the age of 13, he founded the punk rock band Reset with his best friend Chuck Comeau in which he was the bassist and lead vocalist.

The first one that appeared is from Virgin Radio.”Simple Plan, which recently released a new single, “I Don’t Want To Go To Bed,” from their forthcoming album, played in Paris and Lyon in September.

Canadian rock band Simple Plan have been on the road for the past five months, riding the success of their monster hit “Jet Lag”—their first platinum single in Canada. The 13-date tour will take them from Vancouver to Halifax.

He wasn't feeling happy with Reset and left the band in 1999, a year after Chuck Comeau.

His current bandmate David Desrosiers took his place as lead vocalist/bassist.

Lyrics by MC Lars Music by MC Lars, Mike Kennedy, Nick Rowe and Pierre Bouvier Check out that noise in the background! I got it with this gift certificate I won at the Save the Sea Turtles Marathon Run dude! I wrote all of the lyrics on my arm because trees are too important to be used as paper you know what I’m saying? Verse 1: I got a letter from Al Gore the other day I opened and read it, it said we’re in trouble It said “Go Green! Bought a hybrid hummer to save gasoline Went to Live Earth in my private jet Just like Sting and Kanye West Let’s save the earth with arena (?

I’m using it to run the computer studio for the recording of this album!

it’s not easy Verse 2: Went to Sea World with a giant net To save the whales but they got upset Brought Shamu to the parking lot, didn’t get far Couldn’t even fit one fin in my car Recycling’s great, but my roommate didn’t smile When I told him what I did to his old-school Beatles vinyl Gotta separate plastics form the glass Even though it’s a pain the morning (I’m going green) Aerosol cans are terrible so I Spread the word with spray painted signs (I’m going green) Love animals for real, you see me clubbing with baby seals (I’m going green) Bought a Prius to save on gas But I fly every weekend in first class (I’m going green) So my grandkids will remember When it wasn’t 500 degrees in December CHORUS It’s not easy being green (it’s not easy) There Will be Blood for gasoline (it’s not easy) I drink your milkshake like that scene It’s not easy…