She previously wore a red ribbon with a green gem, a white puffy blouse, a red skirt, white stockings, and brown shoes.

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In the summer, however, she wears a white sleeveless turtleneck shirt and black pants.

As with the rest of SEES, Mitsuru wears a swimsuit during the excursion at Yakushima.

The protagonist and Mitsuru have a good relationship from the start of the game.

She offers rewards to him for high test scores and she pushes him to excel.

And let me add, if you ever say or do anything to condescend to her because she's a woman..." Despite her often getting annoyed at Akihiko's eagerness to fight, Shinjiro claims in Persona Q that she enjoys fighting just as much as he does if not more.

Mitsuru is shown to be quite awkward when dealing with normal social situations, likely due to her upbringing.

As events unfold, this may be a front of maturity due to her assumed role as the leader of SEES.

Her Persona Arcana is the Empress, which fits with the "motherly/older sisterly" role she plays in the group. Per formal Japanese culture, Mitsuru is the only member of SEES who formally addresses her fellow club mates by their last names.

Her reason for doing this is not revealed until after the conflict is resolved; after the protagonist's death, she swore an oath that if anything happened to make Yukari suffer, she would put aside her own feelings and stand with her no matter what, as payment for her being there for her the year before.