If the list hasn't been updated since the last time we downloaded it, we won't attempt to download it this time, either. Bluetack has now fixed this problem on their servers, and within an hour or so the correct updated lists should now be downloaded by Peer Block.

Since the servers were telling us these lists hadn't been updated since 1/29/2012 (for "Level1"/"P2P" at least), we were displaying a message "No update available". Note that Peer Block won't let you check for updates more often than once every 12 hours, but if you delete your *files as giblet mentioned above you can "trick" Peer Block into allowing this check.

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After closing the List Manager window, Peer Block should automatically download the updated blocklists and re-generate the list cache. Or, if you're more of a "visual learner", i Blocklist has a video tutorial of this available.

The only remotely confusing part of this whole process may be selecting which of the i Blocklist lists you should use.

The trick is that the original Peer Guardian renamed some of these lists to make them more meaningful, and Peer Block has so far kept that renaming.

Here's the mapping of which i Blocklist list to use to replace each Peer Guardian one: That's all there is to it, really.Until September 2013, I-Blocklist, the supplier of the blocking lists Peer Block uses, supported unlimited free list updating.Since September 2013 updates were limited to once weekly, except to paid subscribers.Since Peer Block still defaults to using the old Peer Guardian lists hosted by Phoenix Labs, this means that Peer Block may not be able to update its lists.Even worse - especially since so many people have been downloading Peer Block this weekend - this means that Peer Block may not be able to download any lists when you first install it! Many people on the PG2 forums have been using i Blocklist lists for quite awhile now, and everybody seems extremely pleased with them.Peer Block monitors each connection your computer tries to make with another one - and each connection other computers try to make with you - and then compares the other computer's IP address against a list of "known bad" IP addresses to see whether it should let this connection go through or not.