Quaint, colorful, with great service and food, Pez features individual bungalows with high, thatched roofs, tiled or polished, painted concrete floors, ceiling fans and carved-wood furniture.

Each comes with a private balcony or porch with an ocean view. The back canals are used as local highways, transporting cars, goods and people on small flat-bed boats, but a large area is off-limits to commercial transportation and is a designated a bird sanctuary.

In 2016, Canadian filmmaker Barry Avrich wrote a book about his career that detailed the ways Weinstein tried to stop Avrich from making a documentary about the mogul, from discouraging actors from narrating the film to trying to get distributor IFC Films to either agree to changes he wanted or shelve the film.

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“Every final decision is mine,” he told in 2002, adding, “I have strong input into the creative side.” He went on to say, “When I meet with people who I find interesting or innovative and there is a concept for a book... “In the beginning when it was Talk Miramax, I think he also looked at it as a way of legitimizing himself," observes Pine, who started working at Miramax in 1995.

Tina [Brown, then chairwoman of Miramax Talk’s media division] and Jonathan [Burnham] can execute it brilliantly.” Start with the powerful, where the roster of Weinstein authors included NBC'shost Tim Russert, Queen Noor of Jordan, Weinstein’s own lawyer David Boies, Rudy Giuliani (reportedly for a $3 million advance), U. She recalls Harvey’s excitement at hosting a book party for Caroline Kennedy, who had published a tome of her mother’s favorite poetry, that drew the widow of the Shah of Iran, among others, as guests.

Pine asked for only one thing from him, “You have to publish the book.

You have to leave it alone.” Weinstein replied, “I will and you have my word on that.” Pine, who spoke with from her home in London about her experience, laughs at that memory now.

(After the recent news of Weinstein’s predatory sexual behavior broke, Hachette Book Group, which was Weinstein Books' publishing partner, shuttered the imprint and reassigned books in the pipeline to other divisions.) Though it was never a huge moneymaker, the publishing imprint was far from just a plaything for the Weinstein brothers.

It was staffed by respected people — originally Jonathan Burnham, now the publisher of Harper division of Harper Collins, and recently by Georgina Levitt and Amanda Murray, who won plaudits for making it a strong female-centric imprint.

And when the book started picking up sales right as the Weinsteins were negotiating funding for their post-Disney venture, The Weinstein Company, the publisher pulled the plug on any more publicity.

Her book publicist told her, “You can’t repeat this, but Harvey basically told us to stop working on it.” Pine’s story illuminates just one of the ways Weinstein used his company’s publishing imprint — first known as Talk Miramax Books and then later, after he and brother Bob split from Disney and set up The Weinstein Company, as Weinstein Books — to further his aims over nearly two decades.

It generally means decent accommodations without the expense of a tourist resort (and minus the tourists).