They also tend to have position markers beyond the 12th fret located an the edge of the fretboard instead of the centre.The brand also appears on some poorly made Chinese copies which appear to be post-Korean era builds.

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In 2003 the Fly was "refined" with a new control layout consisting of a master volume, a master tone [coil tap function is on this control as well] and a master volume for the piezo eliminating the separate volume control for the magnet pickups and the piezo tone control. Import production moved from the Cort factory in Korea, to a factory commissioned by the Nova trading company in China, after the completion of the buyout.

This instrument was more cost effective eschewing the original, higher fidelity Fly circuitry for the cheaper, simpler Nite-Fly preamp. In October 2002, Parker initiated the first production run of the Fly bass guitar, in both 4-string and 5-string versions.

Also were the 4 seasons Fly Mojos which were Mojos made corresponding to the season.

Also released under the select series was the koa Fly Mojo.As of late, Parker has released several special edition Flys.There has been the Fly Mojo Snakeskin where a stock Fly Mojo was covered in snakeskin.Basses made by Washburn have serial numbers that begin with 092.Soon after moving production to Illinois, the original, more stable multi-laminate neck construction was scrapped in favor of more cost-effective construction from a single piece of mahogany.Chinese made “Westones” are also seen occasionally but are mostly copies of traditional American styles.