“Soup schedule varies by store for a few reasons,” says one employee.

“My store has potato soup every single day because of how many people requested it.” If you want a perfect winter meal, calorie-laden soups aren’t your only option; there are plenty of fat burning soups that can help you fill up and slim down at the same time.

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For those early mornings when you’re in a rush, these 50 Best Overnight Oats Recipes will have you out of the house in a flash.

While Panera employees don’t get their meals comped, they do get a pretty significant discount.

If you’ve been spending a lot of your hard-earned cash at Panera, the employees might just give you some drinks for free.

“If you frequent Panera, regardless of having a rewards card or not, and if your specific Panera is managed well, the regulars get drinks for free,” says one employee.

A Panera employee reveals that employees get a 65 percent discount on meals up to $10 and are given meal vouchers that can be used by friends and family, too.

Just because your food is cheap doesn’t make it healthy, though; luckily, the 25 Best Yogurts For Weight Loss are as delicious as they are affordable.

Unfortunately, just because you’re an employee doesn’t mean you can hand out free food to your friends.

“You can’t ‘slide’ anyone food,” says one employee.

Be nice, but don’t be shy about letting Panera employees know when they’ve messed up your order. “Usually, you’re allowed to choose anything from the bakery case,” says one former employee.

While most Panera locations have a soup of the day, if you really can’t face another day without your beloved chicken noodle, they may make a concession.

“The bread is either donated to a local charity, or some of it is cut into cubes to be used for croutons,” says a former employee.