Learn more about This annual three-day course is hosted by J-PAL South Asia and introduces basic survey and data collection methodologies to researchers, M&E professionals, and other individuals interested in gaining essential skills for collecting high quality primary data.Topics include developing unbiased measures, designing and piloting questionnaires, identifying the survey sample, and collecting data.

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The Diploma is taught at PUC in Santiago, Chile by J-PAL affiliate professors and PUC faculty.

Learn more about the diploma or visit the program website (in Spanish).

Researchers Eliana Carranza, Robert Garlick, Kate Orkin, and Neil Rankin are running two concurrent studies to evaluate information barriers in the labour market for work-seekers and for small and medium enterprises.

The studies examine i) whether providing SMEs with information on work-seekers' abilities can lead to improved hiring decisions, and ii) providing work-seekers with information on their own abilities will improve their chance of employment and/or better orient their strategies for finding employment.

Past custom courses include three-day to five-day versions of our that bring implementers and university researchers together to work on joint projects.

J-PAL custom courses can be taught in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Indonesian.

Learn more about the Micro Masters Credential or visit the Micro Masters online portal.

In collaboration with the Economics Department of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC), J-PAL offers the Diploma in Impact Evaluation of Public Policy and Social Programs ().

It tests the effect of different messages aiming to shift voters’ calculus and encourage the perception that their votes do count.

Around 2,000 registered voters, recruited from around Soweto in Johannesburg, were randomly assigned to receive different messages or be in a control group that was simply surveyed.

The study runs in partnership with Harambee, an organisation that screens and evaluates young, entry-level work-seekers and connects them to employers looking for entry level talent.