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Their work includes testing the impact of a job search counselling program, the use of a reference letter template and personal action plans on job search behaviour and employment outcomes of young job seekers.

The study is a collaborative effort with the South African Department of Labour to assist the government in reducing youth unemployment via a rigorous impact evaluation of alternative employment services.

Researchers Eliana Carranza, Robert Garlick, Kate Orkin, and Neil Rankin are running two concurrent studies to evaluate information barriers in the labour market for work-seekers and for small and medium enterprises.

The studies examine i) whether providing SMEs with information on work-seekers' abilities can lead to improved hiring decisions, and ii) providing work-seekers with information on their own abilities will improve their chance of employment and/or better orient their strategies for finding employment.

South Africa uses a mixed member system in municipal elections, so citizens’ votes count both in their ward but also directly for which party wins and governs the city.

Some treatment group voters simply received face-to-face messages giving better information on this municipal voting process.Learn more about To receive email updates announcing new open-enrollment courses, subscribe to our newsletter.Upcoming courses can also be found on our Events page.so ever heard of the pals, ever wondered oh which pals member am i?AFRICA HOME | RESEARCH | TRAINING | POLICY OUTREACH The J-PAL Africa research team conducts randomised evaluations on social programmes and policies in South Africa.Globally, J-PAL has offered over 30 custom courses in 2017. It focuses on the benefits and methods of randomization, how to choose the appropriate sample size, and potential challenges to the validity of an experiment.