You guys made our day and Holiday that much better.

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I am absolutely receiving the support from a few different people so far and everyone has emailed or sent cards and packages! It was more than enough and my troops benefited a lot from the things that were sent.

This is a wonderful experience and I’m very excited to be able to participate in it. I am good to go on care packages as of now and probably for a while.

You doubtlessly know of a brother or sister in arms that could use some support.

I’d encourage you to tell them about Adopt A US Soldier so that they too can feel supported.

He has written a letter we wanted to share with you.

Dear Fellow Soldiers, As someone who has been in your boots, I’d like to tell you what AAUSS is and what it isn’t.

they are very caring and supportive and that is what you need when you are deployed. thank you” “Just wanted to give you feedback on my experience with Adopt a Soldier. To hear some of the sponsors stories, inspire me to hang in there and be strong. The kind words and gestures are very appreciated by me and my troops.

” One of our Board of Directors was once in your boots.

Trust me: these people are so very willing and WANTING to help you!