Adobe, as Krebs reminds us, found it necessary to alert only 38 million active users, though the number of stolen emails and passwords reached the lofty heights of 150 million records.

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We have also implemented the need for consumers to use stronger passwords and made various other improvements.

Krebs notes that it could well be that the exposed customer records are from the January breach, and that the company no longer stores its users’ information and passwords in plain text.

The calls start off with an automated man’s voice asking the voters' age and gender, then quizzing them on which Republican candidates they like.

However the calls would then become aggressive if the voter mentioned their support for another candidate other than Trump.

Older people are disproportionately targeted by fraudulent telemarketers and make up 80% of victims affected by telemarketing scams alone.

Older people may be targeted more because the scammer assumes they may be more trusting, too polite to hang up, or have a nest egg.

The caller may say that they have a cold if the victim does not recognize their voice.

Their story generally follows a familiar line: they were traveling in another country with a friend, and after a car accident or legal infraction, they are in jail and need bail money wired to a Western Union account as soon as possible for their quick release.

Callers assume that the victim has a computer running a Microsoft Windows operating system (users of other operating systems, such as Linux, are a minority and are likely to be technically knowledgeable).