Intercultural communications Syllabus A Woman of Worth What is a Woman of Worth? While the goal is lofty, it is attainable with God’s help.

The 11th grade English course places its literary focus on texts specifically from American Literature.

Two modules take students through a comprehensive summary of American literature, spanning from the first settlers and their writings through every major literary period, including: the Age of Faith, Age of Reason, the Romantic and Realist movements, the Harlem Renaissance, and up to Modern day literature.

Preparation of Marriage and Family – lessons dealing with Biblical standards for dating, courtship, and marriage focusing on marriage as a lifetime commitment between a man and a woman.

The Life of Jesus – Jesus Christ being the central figure of all human history, this section of the course is dedicated to a better understanding of the cultural, political and historical environment of Jesus Christ.

It provides insight into His influence on both mankind in general and the individual in particular.

Other Religions – a look at major religious ideologies that attempt to undermine the supremacy of Christianity.

The Book of James - studies related to the author, major themes, and practical applications that can be drawn from the book.

Topics to include: humility, perseverance, working faith, self-control, and heavenly versus earthly wisdom.

Introductions to the Old and New Testament will be presented and a survey of each of the sixty-six books will be conducted.